Information about Activated Scale

How it works

It's really simple! 

Are you a founder that needs help to refine your sales strategy or execute your sales tactics? Simply email us here or book time on the calendar here.

1. Intake call: In this initial conversation, we will understand what you are building, who you are building for and your success selling your product so far. If it's a fit, we will go to step 2.
2. Connection: Within 1 week, we will connect you with 2-3 salespeople that have the experience selling to your buyer or industry that can help you to build your sales strategy or execute your sales tactics. You speak with our talent and decide who you want to work with.
3. Get started!!

Our vetting process:
  • Sales experts are invited based on the background selling to the buyer of the startups
  • Each sales expert has a 30 minute intake conversation where we understand their past sales experience
  • They must have hands-on experience with categories founders need the most help with in sales

Few simple rules to abide by:
  • Be polite to each other
  • Leave true reviews
  • No abuse, no harassing, no spam, no solicitation