Information about Activated Scale


Growing a business is hard, and it doesn't come with a manual. 

At Activated Scale, we help founders grow revenue by giving them access to sales experts that have tactical sales experience. Every business is different, so we match founders with the rights sales expert to give personalized advice and coaching.

Depending on your growth stage, your needs are different.
  • At pre-seed, you may still be defining your ideal customer profile and your value proposition
  • At seed, your goal could be to reach $1M in ARR as quickly as possible.  
  • At Series A, you have lot of things figured out, but you may need to build a scalable and repeatable sales process.

Depending on your stage, the sales experts can help founders with their sales messaging, ideal customer profile development, sales process, hiring, inbound and outbound sales structure amongst other areas founders need the most help with in sales.

Each sales expert has been vetted and invited to the platform. For those sales experts that want to advise founders, please email with your details and LinkedIn profile.

Sales expert background: 
  • A demonstrated track record in sales at a start-up
  • Over 12 years of sales experience
  • A Director title of above

Our vetting process:
  • Sales experts are invited based on the background mentioned above
  • Each sales expert has a 30 minute intake conversation
  • They must have hands-on experience with categories founders need the most help with in sales